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Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR, GCON former president of Nigeria 2010-2015 under the platform of PDP who has gain monumental accolades that no any other democratic elected president in Nigeria has ever earned from the chronicle of our democratic Republic to the present 4th Republic. Perhaps, it’s seemingly glaring that no leader in Nigeria has ever won nor will any win this height of democratic leadership score-card.

GEJ has won political medals which has snowball beyond the embers of the national stage to the international stage. The records speaks for himself to be the only Ex Nigeria president to be recognised globally with international trophy. The only incumbent President (perhaps, may be the only) in the history our Democracy who conceded defeat and congratulated his contending APC counterpart in 2015 General election even before the election result was announced. This singular democratic simulation gave him trophy’s at the international stage.

Plethora of his democratic practices inevitably express his leadership disposition to take Nigeria to greater heights. History will bear us witness that during his leadership of Nigeria, he had the best minds in his cabinet, 2 of his then cabinet members are presently occupying internationally recognised position. Ngozi, Adesina are existential fact empirical to this truth.

During his leadership as the Commander in Chief, Nigeria was the fastest growing economy making the GDP index growth at 4.8%. Also, during GEJ the war against insurgency was realistically being won devoid of the rhetorics we hear this days under the PMB led administration who is a retired General in the Military.

During the 2015 Elections, the North who are predominantly Hausa-Fulani preferred Muhammadu Buhari as their preferred candidate which was linched on factors laced on ethnicity, religion and other sentiments.

I laugh at the current trends of the political scene gearing towards 2023 election that has been occupied by lots of unfolding events but the one that thrilled me and many, making the scene more interesting is the moment the Miyatti Allah group purchase presidential nomination form for GEJ. I mean…..even best of logic and reasoning can not explain the sincerity of this act of unsolicited Magnanimity to the rejected and betrayed GEJ. If it were to be the Ijaw nation that bought this form, one might understand the syllogism behind such support.

Obviously, the APC led Government has abysmally failed Nigerians and can’t risk it to the edge of the opposition party PDP. The ruling party will do all it can to keep power, if ever it means to give it to the Ijaw man the presidential ticket who comes from south in other to doused the already tensed indicators of Zoning to the south Nigeria.

From my political calculus the fast move to buy nomination form is not originally from Miyatti Allah but a sharp Political navigation of the game players in the APC to pitch and maintain power at all cost.

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been any clear cut simulation nor room for insinuation that the Ex president has dump the PDP to joined the APC and for a Fulani Group to buy a nomination form is an ironical political imbroglio which I akin to as a “MOUSE-TRAP”.

Well, they say; there is no smoke without fire” perhaps, GEJ has quasily join the APC and has left us in obscurity.

However, if GEJ officially join the APC and accept the nomination form, wins the primary to become the presidential flag bearer and then eventually becomes president. He will only becomes a figure Head under the whims and caprices of the Game players and there after history will repeat itself and he will betrayed again. At this point power will come back to them. I here the sceptical reader says how? They are experts in designing political architectural plans and history has shown them to be actualisers of their mischievous plans.

Just the way the mouse gets to the trap to eat the fish, he neither chew nor swallow it.

My Admonition to GEJ;

The nomination form is a trap, don’t accept it.

Gideon Dauda
Ungwan Danbaki II village zonkwa Zango-Kataf LGA

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