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10-Year-Old Nigerian Emmanuella Oziofu Hired To Teach Coding in UK School

Nigerian teenager and tech genius Emmanuella Oziofu Mayaki has made name for herself and has gotten into the news after she was hired as a Coding Instructor by a UK school.

Emmanuella who also owns an app on goggle play store has been trending on social media for achieving this feat at a young age.

Emmanuella who is just ten years of age has gained significant knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Graphic Design, Java, & Python. Making her one of the youngest tech genius in the world.

Emmanuella developed her interest in coding and computer at the age of seven, when she was in Edo state, Nigeria. She was at the time a pupil of Fortune schools in Benin and later went on to pursue her interest in tech at the Mikon Institute of Information Technology.

She is a teacher of the after school coding club and has been teaching coding to pupils of her age in Southfield Primary school, United Kingdom.

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